begin with an ending

There aren’t really rules to blogging are there? My chronology of shooting and eventually blogging is always odd. This is actually my first blog post of 2019, though these weren’t my first photographs created in the year.

I recently moved out of Pasadena, CA and the last few weeks have been quite a journey. I was without internet for about a month so blogging and website updates were officially halted. Glad to be a little more settled (in El Monte, CA) and have the time to get back to the URL.

For some reason, the sunset on February 2nd was spectacular. We’ve had a lot of rain in Los Angeles this year which makes for great clouds when all the precipitation stops. Per usual, I was driving around the city doing Uber and Lyft and saw that it was time to stop an enjoy the scenery. Beautiful skies were forming over the ocean and I decided to stop at Will Rogers Beach. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite locations and on this evening a few others were in agreement. A brother and sister played at the beach. A man came to take a few photos with some friends.

This was a moving sunset. I felt overwhelmed by the Pacific. There was a very strong tide this evening, the kind where you really hear the roar of the water. I felt small and humbled. Hope you enjoy the images:

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