I was in Manhattan one day photographing the ALMA Scorecard Presentation.

Afterward, I inevitably strolled by Bryant Park on my way back to Grand Central and there was a good crowd gathered for the Bryant Park Fall Festival.  I'm usually very focused when in Manhattan for work.  I am in, out, and back on the train.  

But this particular day, I gave myself a break, and sat down.  But I wasn't sitting for long... There was a group on stage performing, bursting with passion and I had to start photographing them.  The group was the very talented, OperaMission.  I watched and captured as they performed Acts I and II of Mozart's, Le Nozze di Fiagro: 

Such talent and passion.  I really appreciated their performance.  After the performance, I introduced myself to OperaMission's Founder Director and Conductor, Jennifer Peterson, letting her know that I had captured some images of her group.  I was happy to send them to her, without a charge, so that they may archive the event.  She would later invite me to capture another OperaMission event: Almira.