I attended undergrad at the University of Tennessee (2002-2007) and lived in Knoxville for an additional year afterward. It is a place that had an important impact on the adult I am becoming.  Between the ages of 18-24, I could not understand the city's importance and I did not fully embrace Knoxville.  But I hope there is plenty of time to visit and make amends in the future.

This set, contains some of my favorite images from before owning a DSLR.  One day back in 2006, I walked and drove the streets of Knoxville with an Olympus 35mm (film).

Looking back on it now, jokingly, I think this set is a study of how many places you can stand in World’s Fair Park and still see the Sunsphere.

I enjoyed using my Olympus for a couple of sets a few years ago.  Most photographers speak of this and I agree; film brings a really fun, heightened sense of focus and attention to detail that at times is lacking in digital photography. 

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