Through my friend, Jessica, I was able to photograph the induction of New Canaan, Connecticut’s new postmaster. Nancy Cornelio is a fantastic one.  She is incredibly passionate and proactive.  In her induction speech, she spoke about ideas for how to make mail transfer, delivery and post office budgeting much more efficient and all I could think was, “Wow, I didn’t realize so much went into mail service.”  

I photographed this event for two reasons.  First, in 2010, wedding photography was coming and I wanted to practice candid photojournalism, catching people smiling and laughing. 

Secondly, and more importantly, because there are not enough feel-good, good news stories being told in the world.  Bad news usually sells.  I try to do my part through Photography to share uplifting, positive stories and this is a moment and event that would go unnoticed by most.  

Nancy’s family was so proud of her and came out to support her.  Local residents were in attendance as well.  Selected students from a New Canaan public school came to say the pledge of allegiance.  After Nancy was officially sworn in, a group of young ladies performed a great Irish river dance to the sounds of a live bagpipe player: