I'm not a big maternity photographer, having only done it twice.  But I find it to be a lovely and beautiful genre of photography when done correctly and taken seriously.  

My friend and former co-worker, Nadia, was expecting Olivia shortly and asked if I would be willing to capture some belly images of her with her boyfriend, Joel. We didn't have an agenda, idea or plan for the session, but only just a time to meet. By the time I got to her apartment, natural light was dying quickly.  We didn't panic or give up on the session: we just improvised.  We found an outdoor lamp, lighting the walkways outside of her apartment and it just...worked. I flipped over to B+W and I could tell we had something.  We were oohhing and ahhing over what was showing up in the LCD.

After we found the black and white look, we just had fun with it.  It was, pose......pose... oh that looks cool....okay another pose....

Nadia and Joel were very sweet, natural and comfortable and it was a joy to work with them.

Nadia would also ask me to photograph her baby shower at Eclisse Restaurant in Stamford, CT, merely five days later.

Good trivia: six days following this shoot, which was one day after the baby shower...Olivia was born.