My brother, Mickael, was in town for Thanksgiving.  We decided to do another quick portrait shoot.  I don't even know how these portrait sessions happen.  We're just talking then we go outside. It all works I suppose.  (And I'm only kidding about him being a ham.  He's actually a good actor, and I wish he would explore that more often.)

I'm glad we did this. The D300S was still new to me.  I had only taken it out for a couple of events.  It was nice to slow down and appreciate it:

Note: we had a brotherly disagreement over the final image in the set. He made that pose and then:

Me: I'm not going to take that.

Him: Why not?

Me: That's a dumb pose... 

Him (interrupting): It's a kick ass pose. 

I'll let you be the judge. (It's not a kick ass pose.)