My friends, Galina and Dave, chose to be wed beach-side at the Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Good choice. It's a gorgeous resort, and I highly recommend it if you ever visit the Cancun area.  It was an honor and pleasure to photograph their wedding and flat out awesome to be on a relaxing vacation with friends, old and new.  

After their rehearsal and dinner, we had that lovely problem, when you're on vacation, of not knowing what to do next.  Some retreated to their rooms, others strolled the beach.  I heard there was going to be some "resort organized entertainment," so I found my way to a staging area outside where there were chairs set up. I had photographed all afternoon and was ready for a break, wanting to enjoy the company of friends, so I put the camera away.  I was "off-duty" and I  was just going to watch the entertainment. 

A group of about 6-8 young men and women came out to the stage with a few odd looking props.  Someone said, "I heard that they're going to do fire dancing." 


They started the music. One of the entertainers stepped foward...

As soon as I saw the first flame, "off-duty" went out the window: