It's great to be able to keep in touch with friends through Facebook and Photography. I had been posting images since first picking up a DSLR and was thankfully receiving positive feedback. I eventually received a message from Lisa, who I knew from middle school asking if I'd be interested in photographing her wedding. 

I hadn't met her fiance , Joe, but I immediately liked him when we met up to talk about their wedding contract.  Regarding the engagement session, he said:

"I was just thinking, if its not too hard to do, I want some pictures that are black and white, but then color for just one thing like our shirt or something. You know, like in Sin City?"

 You are willing to come up with creative ideas, AND you referenced the photography from an awesome movie like Sin City?  You're the man, Joe.  It's nice to meet you.  Afterward, Lisa nonchalantly spelled out where they wanted to take their photos, "So we were thinking that we'll head over to The Falls and then over to Fort Stamford."

 I immediately did a double take, "Huh..wha...the where?" 

Though I had grown up in Stamford, CT I had NEVER heard of The Falls nor Fort Stamford up until that moment. It turns out that there is a small nature trail in Stamford, CT containing well…a waterfall. It was a great location for engagement photos.

I'm always saying that I shouldn't play favorites with my clients, but then I'll turn around and say that a couple was my "favorite” this, or "best” that. That said, Lisa and Joe did the most daring thing I've had a couple do in the name of an image.  Again we were at “The Falls,” and I expected us to create a few images with the waterfall in the background, but in the heat of the moment they were willing to actually climb onto the waterfall for a few photographs.  Looking back on it now: oh my goodness.  What a nightmare had something gone wrong... Much respect for them. I got up there too, just to see if there was an interesting angle for an image.  The ledge they were on was only about four feet wide and obviously had running water racing over it.  Wow.

 Afterward, we finished up at another location I had never heard of before, Fort Stamford.  It's beautiful: