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On Day 1 in Peru (blog post coming soon), I was spoiled with a little sunshine. As I would quickly learn, Peru in the early Spring is overcast. I did not let that deter me from leaving my digs in Barranco with camera in hand and enjoying the streets on Day 2.  I headed north towards the Miraflores City Hall and was pretty quickly greeted by the sight of another feral cat: 


Next door to the City Hall was the Parroquia La Virgen Millagrosa, or "Parish of the Miraculous Virgin." Unfortunately it was closed at the time, so no interiors, but the exterior provided some nice details worth capturing: 


Of course, more stray cats:

I continued to walk north and...wait... is that what I think it is?


Yes, it was a 4' Peruvian Lego Batman:

As I was saying, I continued to walk north and just captured candid moments and details. This beautiful bronze lion statue...I'm lovin' it. (You see what I did there): 


The Miraflores Indian Market contained a few wares worth checking out. On my last morning before leaving the country, I would come back and purchase a few t-shirts. For now, just a couple of quick photos:


Time for a new mannequin head: 

DSC_0197 (1).jpg

Afterward, I decided to hop back in a cab and head back towards the Central District in Lima. A few candid street shots presented themselves: 


I wandered my way back towards Plaza Mayor. I had explored there previously, so I only peeked my head in for a moment to capture the Palace of the Archbishop:

Street vendors in wait:


I couldn't get enough of the warmth in South America. Sure, they like Americans with cash to spend, but there was still something pleasant going on. This portrait of a tailor is a great example. I saw him from outside the shop and could see this image. I gestured to the camera and he understood that I was interested in capturing a photo. He was okay with it and just smiled. I walked in and offered him a few dollars for the moment, and he looked at me as if to say, "Okay, if you want to give me money for that...I'll take it." Just genuine friendliness: 

So much for candid photography...

This group was clearly taking a tour of some kind, and I thought the wave of hardhats made for an interesting shot. You can clearly tell you saw me and wanted to say hello: 

DSC_0221 (1).jpg

A street vendor smiles politely for a portrait: 


Tiny talented artist: 

DSC_0230 (1).jpg

Self portrait as I walked by my reflection: 

I came upon the following moment and would later research that L'Eau Vive Del Peru is a restaurant. It's an old manison which now houses the eatery which is run by nuns. They use the profits of the restaurant to later feed those in need. Here was the line awaiting the nuns for Friday morning: 


A few overcast images of the exterior of the 16th Century Catholic church, Iglesia San Pedro:

Truthful character of Lima. Many beautiful things, many delapidated things:

On a busy corner, a guitarist serenaded the crowd with a rendition of the Guns N' Roses classic, "November Rain:" 

Talk to the hand: 


I could have easily made an entire photo book of the street art in Peru. Lovely things: 

DSC_0290 (1).jpg
DSC_0292 (1).jpg

I made the most of the day with a visit to MALI, the Museum of Art of Lima. Outside of its door were a couple of intriguing pavilions: 



Knowing I would visit Park of the Reserve while in Lima, I brought my tripod and remote shutter along for the South America trip. On the night of Day 2, I would capture a few images back in Plaza Mayor:

DSC_0561 (1).jpg

Lastly, with the little bit of energy I had left, a couple of images in Plaza San Martín:


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