In May of 2014, I was living between Glendale and Eagle Rock, CA on Verdugo Road. It was technically still a Los Angeles address, but it was always easier to just describe it in terms of those other cities; it registered with Los Angelenos much easier.

I was coming home from work (a part-time job in Burbank, CA) and I decided that I was going to head to the grocery store before heading back to my apartment. I headed north on Verdugo Rd, past my apartment building. I grabbed a few snacks, and headed back to my apartment. Not 150 feet away from my apartment’s driveway, I could not help but notice a gushing geyser, on my left. Water was gloriously shooting about 40 feet into the air. A car had struck a fire hydrant.

It must have been sudden, as the grocery store was only a mile away and I could not have taken more than 10 minutes to grab my items (I usually grocery shop like a squirrel grabbing a nut off of the ground and taking back home. Quickly).  Without hesitation and without being in too much awe, I drove past the car and hydrant, went straight into my apartment, grabbed my camera and headed back to the scene: 

As you see the LAFD arrived on the scene and took care of the mess, to the applause of onlookers.  Oh man, I felt kinda bad for the owner of that car. Goodbye, front end.