Through my friend, Elizabeth Sabia, and with the guidance from photographer, Kathleen O'Rourke, I had the opportunity to photograph two weekend events for the King Low Heywood Thomas school of Stamford, CT.  Saturday evening was their "Black Tie Blue Jeans" event. However, the evening prior, they held an assembly that contained a cookout, faculty talent show, student fashion show, and more. 

Everyone gathered in the auditorium for opening remarks, announcement of the raffle winners, donation presentations, and a few words from the students: 

Connecticut Senator (2012) Carlo Leone: 

Then the talent show began...

James Brown was in the house which was pretty cool:

The teacher's performances were all great, but this skit in particular was pretty funny.

The scene was a doctor's office:


and this teacher...


was playing a patient in the waiting room.

His ailment?  He had the problem of catching whatever the patient seated next to him had.  Somehow...magically...everything was contagious!

Another teacher, playing a new patient, would enter the scene and sit next to him.  So if the new teacher/patient had a runny nose, the poor guy would catch a runny nose: 

But his problem was bigger than that.

He couldn't get rid of whatever the other patient just gave him.  So when the next teacher entered with lice...


Not only did he have a runny nose, but he also had lice: 

It just got worse from there.  He couldn't control his limbs... 


He got depressed... 


a horrible whooping cough... 

then he had a bad body itch:


And then... 

Oh boy...

The students closed the night by showing off their favorite summer and prom threads:  

I want to throw in one more from that doctor's office skit: 

I love how they were enjoying it so much that they broke character.