For a summer (2008), I lived in Middletown, Rhode Island, the town north of Newport. I then moved back to Stamford, CT.  

Kay was the one friend from Rhode Island who I kept in touch with. We would trade texts and Facebook messages often over the years, chatting about our careers and our love lives.  My love-life stories would often read as a sitcom, a comedy of errors if you will, and Kay's had much more promise.

Kay would eventually mention her newest crush, Bill.  It's pretty obvious to say that things worked out between the two of them. Jump cut to me driving up to Newport to meet them for their engagement session.  

It was an incredible afternoon. We walked, talked and photographed on the streets of Newport and eventually headed further up the coast for something more scenic. It was such a blast to reunite with Kay. It had that comfortable and relaxed feeling of old friends catching up . The day/session had a delightful mix of silly and sweet moments. Be sure to look all the way to the end of the page for some candid moments with Kay’s sister, Heather, and the Zoolander “Blue Steel” face being made perfectly by the happy couple: