I was very fortunate and humbled at the opportunity to photograph some behind the scenes images for a Gladys Knight music video in August of 2015. I had worked with Pentatontic Productions LLC, the creative team on the project, on a couple of occasions prior to this day and it was always a pleasure to capture their work and behind the scenes moments. You can see/read the story of that day on this page: Gladys Knight - Just a Little: Behind the Scenes.

There are a couple of things that I visually gravitate towards, that I have a creative predilection towards; for some reason I'm drawn to photographing statues. One of the others is undoubtedly silhouettes. Something about the stark contrast between light and shadow and usually the vivid color that surrounds a darkened field or object...chills. 

That said, during the filming of the Gladys Knight video, I had a front row seat to a really great silhouette. There were six incredibly talented dancers that were featured in the video. They kicked it with Gladys, hyped her up, danced around her and brought an incredible energy to the set. There were featured in a handful of scenes, but one in particular was my clear favorite. The minds of Pentatonic Productions and in particular that of Director of Photography, Alex Davis, created a shot that would be a part of the dancers' solo/feature. The six dancers were separated by gender and the three male and three female dancers would respectively perform a sequence all in silhouette. A purple light was cast on the set's white backdrop and the dancers just did their thing. 

I did not want to flood the official page about the shoot with too many of these images, but I liked the images and wanted them to be shared. They deserved to have a home on the net:



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