Jodee and James

Jodee and James are the best. They met on the first day of high school and something clicked.  They went separate ways for college but then found their way back to each other. Destiny.

Jodee grew up without a father, and has always had a deep level of love and respect for her mother. She was so happy when James came into her life and when she knew he was the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with. When she described how she felt about her upcoming wedding she said, 

"When my mom walks me down the aisle it's going to mean so much.  Because my mother walked me through the first chapter of my life and James will walk me into the next."


[Quick side story relating to their wedding: Jodee was chosen as a guest/bride on TLC's, "Say Yes to the Dress." Check out Jodee’s segment. The link to her segment comes from the Vimeo channel of her makeup artist, Jill K, of JKFlashy Makeup Service Inc. ] 

(Prior to June 2013) I had photographed four engagement sets in Central Park, this one included.  It was a testimony to the vastness of Central Park and the uniqueness of the couples that there were never any repeats.  Meaning, I photographed in a new or different location every time, no shot was ever the same.  Jodee and James chose to have their session take place in the Conservatory Garden.  The location, along with the peace and comfort that Jodee and James have together, made for a blissful afternoon: