Jim is a fantastic actor and comedian. His talent has gotten to a place where comedy is engrained into his personality and it's effortless and natural.  An example of one of his Facebook status updates:

"Note to self: when on a first date, resist the urge to show off your nearly encyclopedic knowledge of Star Wars quotes."

Something like that goes up on his wall everyday.  Where does he come up with this stuff?  He just sees the world through the lens of comedy.  Jim's success is inevitable.  

Rarely do I have a goal for shoots like this, just get outside and start capturing.  We started out at a great disheveled garage, followed by a trip by the local wrecking house. We ended in North Stamford where Jim showed me a few of his favorite spots from when he was younger, some old playgrounds and hidden trails:

At the end of our afternoon, I grabbed a very quick, shaky video of Jim getting ready to show me an old abandoned house. I wish my battery wasn’t dying or I would have recorded the house. But I still enjoyed the color and the sound of the rain and stream in the video: