I can't say enough good things about my friend, Jerry Rasmussen, but I'll try...

He's a very special man. To his credit:  Folk Legacy Songwriter,  Gospel Singer/Performer,  Award Winning Published Author,  Former Executive Director for the Stamford Museum & Nature Center,  Loving Father, Husband, and Great Friend. 

I probably missed 3-4 things. 

In addition, he is an accomplished recording artist having created five folk albums just for fun. Sure, he's made a profit on them, but if you know him personally, you can tell that Jerry loves to create and share his gifts with the world.  He has a kind heart.

I met him at his home in Derby, CT, he grabbed his guitar case and we hit the streets.  Given the name of the album...photos with a train theme....I think you get it.  We started out at the Derby-Shelton MNR station. We then grabbed a quick look on the front porch of one of Jerry's favorite churches in the Derby, CT area. Then it was a final stop (pun completely intended) at the Ansonia MNR Station:

Looking back on it, it was pretty gutsy of us to stand so close to train tracks....with a train coming.

It was a fun afternoon with Jerry and I happily discovered that he recently (June 2013) finished, "Lord Send Me" and used the image to the right as the album cover.  He also used the image of himself on the church porch as the cover for another album I didn't even know he was making named, "Gospel Nights."  

(Some day when I get my autographed copy of the albums, I may scan them and include them in this post.)  

If you'd like to know more about the awesome Jerry Rasmussen, you can check out his website, get a copy of his award winning book, "The Gate of Beautiful." (it's a great read) or check out some of his latest tracks on SoundCloud.