The Japanese American Cultural & Community Center held another great event on this March evening as a part of the Aratani World Series: a series of performing arts events in association with the World Sacred Music Festival featuring diverse dance and musical talents from around the globe. The JACCC and Aratani Theatre played host, this particular evening, to the talents of taiko musician, Kenny Endo. The JACCC described the event as follows: 

Kenny Endo brings to the ARATANI audience the mind expanding rhythms and melodies culminating 40 years of study, practice, creativity and teaching. His uncompromising love of Japanese taiko provide the foundation for a musical vision that combines Japanese and Western sounds and rhythms.

I was on duty for the pre and post-show receptions which included a plethora of warm hugs and smiles, as the JACCC and Aratani Theatre always present a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere:

The man, the artist, Kenny Endo, kindly signed a few autographs: 

The evening ending in the George J. Diozaki Gallery which currently contained an unique exhibition of artwork: 

A few remarks of gratitude from the JACCC's Director of Performing Arts and Community Engagement, Alison De La Cruz:

The evening was also a moment to celebrate the JACCC's collaboration and connection with the Japan Business Association of Southern California:


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