My friends, Lindsay and George invited me to Mianus River capture some images of them as they strolled. This was a fun afternoon with no agenda or goal; just letting moments happen.

There always used to be a funny disclaimer that I would include whenever these images were in another website or blog,“THIS WAS NOT AN ENGAGEMENT SET.” George and Lindsay were dating at the time of this shoot and didn’t want any added attention, questions raised or pressure when others would see these photos.

I used to include personal tidbits about my friends in sessions like this.  Lindsay is a great gymnastics instructor and we played with that idea during the afternoon.  There a quite a few images of the two of them doing somersaults and climbing trees. I included one in this set, towards the end, of Lindsay happily doing a cartwheel in the background while George is befuddled in the foreground.

Final note: I intentionally included an image that has George’s eyes closed only because I enjoyed what I was able to get out of the image with a little editing/Photoshop.