I first met Dena in middle school. Yep.  Like in 7th grade when she used to wear glasses (sorry for spilling those beans, Dena.)  I remember Luigi very well from high school.  We had a few mutual friends and he always seemed nice and friendly to everyone. If I'd pass him in the hallway, he would always return my "hey, what's up?" head nod. 

The story of how Dena and Luigi got together is pretty funny.  At the beginning of their engagement session, I admitted to them that I sadly, rarely make sure to ask couples how they got together.  I prepared my ears and heart for their story, anxiously anticipating the romantic tale of first dates, first glances and butterflies. Then I officially asked Dena, "How did you and Lu end up together?"

"We met up at Donut Delight one day and then we were just....together." 

(*pause. silence. me anxiously waiting for more...) 

"That's it."  

We shared a good laugh afterward.  Dena really didn't have much more to add about it.  There was something in how they hung out that day that made them inseparable afterward.  Love works in mysterious ways, but I'm glad it found them at Donut Delight.  They are a cute couple, one that if you spend about five minutes with them, you don't question their chemistry.  It just works. 

We strolled around Kosciusko Park (Stamford, CT) capturing their sweetness. Also, she tagged along quietly the entire time, but we made sure that Dena's daughter, Caylin, became a part of the photo session.  She brought a lot of joy to the end of our day:

They are such a sweet family.  At the end of the session we all agreed and said something to the effect of, "It's nice to be outside and play." I'm glad we were able to spend this time together.