One day, I'm pretty sure while I was scrolling through Instagram, I came across an ad for a photo editing app named, "BeFunky." I gave it a look, and really liked some of the filters you can apply to your photographs. Essentially, you can turn your photographs into artwork. Coming from studying Architecture, I'm always a sucker for anything that looks hand-drawn. I also appreciate paintings so this app was a fit. 

I was sitting at the computer one day and somehow wandered to BeFunky's web version of their editor. I played around with the "Inkify 4" filter and finished up with some Sepia tone. It started turning some of my images from Cusco, Peru (and one from Lima, the last image)  into some moving artwork (IMHO). I liked the results so much that I ended up printing out a couple of the images and including them in a small wedding gift for some friends. 

You can find BeFunky with these links:

BeFunky - iTunes | BeFunky - Website

Hope you enjoy the results as much as I did: 

Side by Side comparison 

I particularly like what happens to the trees and how the people in plaza look like abstract brushstrokes or a representative scale figure: