In late November of 2013, I landed in Los Angeles, CA. Thanksgiving was right around the corner and I had a good laugh with my friend, Kelly Rothberger. I thought/was hoping that I would spend the holiday with her. We texted about it and I was telling her that I didn’t really have any plans or know what I was doing for the day. Her response:

 “Well figure it out.”

I was shocked. I had known Kelly for 12 years. I THOUGHT we were good friends, and here was this very very cold moment in our relationship. She was going to ditch me for Thanksgiving?!

Oh the wonderful misunderstandings that happen in text messages. I asked her to clarify and it turns out that she meant to say, “We’ll figure it out.”  I told her that I was relieved and that I thought she was brushing me off. She found it hilarious and followed-up with:

“No, you’re not going to spend Thanksgiving day without me!” 

That made me feel warm and fuzzy. We ended up going to an “orphan’s Thanksgiving” at one of her grad school classmates’ in LA. We mingled, made some new friends, and enjoyed some good appetizers. We sat down at the main table, ready to eat, and a few latecomers joined the party. A young man and young lady entered and the young lady eventually sat to my left. She was jovial and friendly and we eventually struck up a conversation.

That’s how I met Angela Michie.

It turned out that Angela had some things in common: we had both recently moved to Los Angeles from the east coast and were trying to find our way in a new land. We became good friends and eventually I learned that Angela was a good chef and entrepreneur. Her and her brother, Sam, were starting a business, selling homemade fruit and energy popsicles. Yum. They were affectionately known as “BuddyPops.”  I liked them on Facebook, signed up for their email newsletter and officially became a BuddyPops fan. Knowing that they were a new venture, I asked Angela if BuddyPops may need some photography to which she replied, “that’d be great!”

At the time, BuddyPops, had a stand set up at the Motor Avenue Farmer’s Market in Palms. I brought my D700 and captured a few candids of the locals enjoying some great BuddyPops.

[For more information on BuddyPops, their awesome flavors, where to find them, how to order them, or to have them cater your event, please visit]