I started out 2011 with fun in Rhode Island. 

I lived in Middletown and worked in Newport for the summer of 2008.  It made an impression and I return for visits as often as I could when I lived on the east coast. My friend, Amanda, is originally from Block Island and we connected anytime "Rhody" comes up in conversation.  She always suggested that I make it up to Block Island and New Year's Day presented the opportunity.  Her mother was re-marrying and she asked if I would go up to Block Island with her for the wedding and to capture some images. 

We drove up, with Amanda’s friend, Rachel, to Point Judith and took the ferry over to the Island.  I was overtaken with the beauty of Block Island and I am always fond of Rhode Island in general. It is open and the air flows freely. You can really breathe in Rhode Island. What follows are images from the ferry ride and a morning stroll with Amanda to the beach.