One of the best things about LA/Southern California? Beaches. 

"Why didn't you just move to New York?" I've been asked that a few times when telling people I moved to LA from Connecticut in search of expanding my creative career. The answer: beaches. Not only the beaches, but the landscape of California as a whole. I always say the same thing/idea/scenario (and I say it with all due respect to my friends that do live and work in Manhattan): 

If you live in New York and you have a bad day, you may go to a bar and meet up with some friends, but really you're going to get on the subway and go home. If you're stressed out in LA, you can get to the beach, see the ocean, breathe, go for a hike. You can relatively escape. 

Still a part of my working life, I drive for ride-share apps in LA (but hopefully that ends sooner than later), and I've mentioned it a few other times and places, but I've learned to keep a camera in the car on the off chance that I find some good light or decide to spontaneous escape for a quick hike. 

On two particular mornings I decided to take a quick break around sunrise and found some wonderful moments. The scenes included birds, surfers and waves, no doubt. Images from Manhattan Beach and Venice Beach, respectively:

2.22.17 - Manhattan Beach

3.7.17 - Venice Beach