My friend, Amanda, and her step-mother, Suzanne, own and operate, Beadz Boutique, a great gem and jewelry shop located on Post Rd. in Darien, CT. 

In 2009, I was floating around with a new DSLR and was open to any opportunities to use it and build a portfolio.  Amanda was there to encourage me and asked if I would be willing to do some photography for Beadz Boutique. I started out by photographing the store in May of 2009.  I captured images of its spaces and various items.  It was simple enough and a lot of fun.

Then, Amanda's ideas evolved...

She asked me to return, and this time she had models. Well, not professional models, but they could certainly fool you.

In August of 2009, Amanda invited her friends Michelle and Rachel to join us. We set out to create images for Beadz Boutique's fall and winter promotions/advertisements. It was just a few casual shots with a lifestyle photography feel. She would later use the images in store newsletters and for an advertisement space in the local paper (at some point I’ll get around to scanning that and adding to this post).

Each of the images was created with improvisation.  Amanda would let them know what outfit and piece of jewelry she wanted photographed next, I would throw in a thought or two, and Michelle and Rachel would just say, "ok cool!" and pose. We didn't have to travel far as each of these locations was around or behind the store.

Amanda would invite me to craft photographs like this for her again in March and July of 2010. All of the images are contained in this post. A much deserved shout out to Amanda's friend, Jackie, who joined us for the third shoot in July 2010. 

 It’s pretty redundant since each shoot was filled with uproarious laughter, but included below are a few outtakes and extra shots. Rachel in particular was such a ham, always striking poses and doing something silly: