The Nestle Waters Headquarters, located in Stamford, CT is a Gold Leed Certified* structure. It is only fitting that it would play host to an event sponsored by the Bartlett Arboretum and Gardens.  The evening was in honor of Nestle Waters' CEO, Kim Jeffery, recognized for his corporate partnership contributions to the Bartlett Arboretum. The event was designed to be eco-friendly which encompassed a breadth of ideas:

Invitations were printed on recycled paper, with guests being asked to respond by email to reduce carbon emission and envelope usage. The beverage cups were made from potato, sugar and corn and the dinnerware, crafted from fallen leaves. Every piece of waste the event produced would be placed in a compost bag and buried, returning everything to the earth.

In addition to the awards and recognitions, a silent and live auction were held with the goal of helping the Arboretum staff add an additional part-time educator for after school and weekend nature programs. 

The Bartlett Arboretum's Bamboo Benefit was a great success:

Connecticut Senator (2012) Carlo Leone (right).  In the lower left is Kate Urbank with her husband.  I'm always thankful for her because she recommended me as the photogrpaher for the Bartlett Arboretum's Arboreating 2009 event

From left: Nestle Waters' CEO, Kim Jeffery, event co-chair Robin Selden, Kate Bartlett, and event co-chair Patricia Eggert

The music for the evening was provided by the incredibly talented, sultry, and soulful,  Kelly Mittleman:

It was great to see, party with, the awesome Robin Selden of Marcia Selden Catering & Event Planning of Stamford, CT.  As always, she created delectable dishes:  


Incredible sushi provided by Sushi Village of Bayside, NY.  Mmm sushi... 

After everyone was settled and well fed, the evening continued with a few opening remarks and an auction conducted by emcee, Kristin Hoffman:

Following, as mentioned earlier, Nestle Waters' CEO, Kim Jeffery (below) was awarded a corporate partnership award from The Bartlett Arboretum:


Robert and Kate Bartlett were also recognized by the staff of the Arboretum and presented with a unique chestnut bowl:  

Afterward, the good times, music, food continued: 

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It was a pleasure to meet and photograph Conjuror, Ryan Oakes as he dazzled and mystified guests: 


Naturally, the night ended with some great dessert:

Congratulations to co-chairs, Robin Selden of Marcia Selden Catering (left), and Patricia Eggert (right) and Executive Director of the Bartlett Arboretum, Peter Saverine on a great event. 

Also a thank you to Fern Pessin (back row, right in the middle) for her correspondence and help before and during the event.  She had a great team organizing the event from the start:

 *For more information on LEED certification see: The United States Green Building Council