Timed to perfection

I was having a really long morning a few days ago, driving Uber/Lyft for a few hours. I dropped a passenger off in Chino Hills, CA, and after turning a few streets to exit his neighborhood, I came a really nice hillside. It was very green considering all the rain we’ve had in SoCal lately. As always, I keep a camera in the car so I had to get out and capture it:


Afterward, my normal exploration desires kicked it. I have the All Trails app on my phone and realized I had never been in Chino Hills before so I happily explored what hiking trails were in the area. Literally around the corner was the start of Chino Hills State Park.

I was at the base of a large hill but could see that the sun was rising on it’s opposite face. I saw a few trails for “Bane Canyon”, and saw that they all started on Bane Canyon Road, just at the base of Chino Hills Park, adjacent to where I had parked. After catching a bird on the hood of a neighboring car, I started to walk up the Road. It all felt so perfectly timed. I knew I was going to catch a good bit of sunrise. There was so much anticipation to reach the peak, and it was well worth it once I had arrived. I hike a lot, relatively speaking, and after 5 years in LA, I can easily say that this hike, because of the timing and landscape, would be in the Top 5 if I made a list of my best hikes in Los Angeles. A beautiful start to the day featuring God’s green earth, and few animal creatures along the way:

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