Ashley is a friend from high school and I’ll just say it: I’m in love with her soul. She already knows this…

Anytime I say that to her she just rolls her eyes like, “yeah, whatever.”  She’s so sweet and humble that my compliments never land.   Whether she thinks so or not, she always presents herself very confidently, and honestly.  She is comfortable in her own skin and I was looking forward to that translating into the set.

We’ve always connected on the topics of creativity, art, drawing, and architecture, so it seemed pretty natural that we would have a good time creating some photography together.  It was really sweet of her to agree to do this shoot.  She was moving out of her apartment at the time, but was still up for it. We started out by playing with the apartment as a character/setting, it translated it into a little silliness and storytelling.

Afterward it was off to nearby Cove Park (Stamford, CT).  We walked, talked, and found some light and leaves to play with: 

I was always fond of this last image of us as shadows. I don’t know why. But Ashley is on the left with her hands up and she was explaining something to me, with passion I guess.