If you keep your heart open, you can always meet new people and make new friends. Traveling more in the last two years has taught me that, but great things also happen here at home in Los Angeles. Back in February (2017) through some Lyft driving, I met a documentary filmmaker, Joanna Devane. I ended up joining her on a road trip out to Carizzo Plain to photograph the California Superbloom. On that journey, I met two of her friends and I would later photograph their portraits. 

This page contains images from the day I worked with Andrew D. Smith. He's a London rockstar, plain and simple. He's a member (guitarist) of London's own, The Boxer Rebellion. In getting to meet Andrew, I also learned of his passions for literature, film, music composition and more. Solid guy. 

Before he left the States, we were able to meet up for a quick session on the West Side of LA. Bicycles were a quick theme of the day, and we eventually made our way to the Santa Monica Pier. 

I had not done many one on one portraits in a while, so it was great to stretch those muscles again.  Andrew is a natural in front of the camera. He gave an intensity and focus as if he's been doing this for years. Really happy with what we were able to create.  

Part I - Venice Streets

Part II - Venice Beach

Part III - Santa Monica Pier 

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