ABOUT 2010:

A great year. Coming off of discovering a new passion for Photography in 2009, 2010 quickly presented many new opportunities. I became a wedding photographer in 2010. I no longer photograph weddings, much to the disappointment of friends, but I'm confident in the decision. I photographed 5 weddings in 2010 which was shocking to me considering I hadn't even owned a camera a year prior. Weddings were fun. I got to travel, that was a big plus. From Mexico to Atlanta and back, it was a blast.  

I fell in love with the 18-200mm that year. Oh my goodness, that is a workhorse lens. I almost had to discipline myself to sell it, or trade it away because I wouldn't use anything else. Why would I? I could go from wide to zoom in a single lens. I used it for every wedding and event, sometimes exclusively. Aside from the 18-200mm, I was still working with a 50mm f/1.4 and a 85mm f/1.8. During the year, I started to itch for a 2nd/better camera body. I was wearing out the D90 in a good way. In taking on more paid work it became a legitimate thought or concern to have a backup body. I was doing homework all year on other Nikon bodies and just watched my money, hoping the time would be right for something new. 

These images don't necessarily fit into a "category" or are a part of a larger set or one of my paid gigs. 

These images are from when I was just playing with the camera, outtakes, practicing, or on the way to or from a session/event. I would see an interesting space, object, texture, or sliver of light that moved me and I just captured it.

These images should be shared and seen.  I hope you enjoy these extra images: