In May of 2009, I toted my camera into Manhattan to photograph a small play: Little Bird.  At the end of the performance, one of the actresses in the play eagerly and boldly approached me with a question...

“So do you do fashion photography?” 

At the time, I barely knew how my camera worked.  I was hardly doing any genre of photography.  I started mumbling something incoherent filled with low self esteem and neuroticism, but thankfully, this actress cut right through it and started explaining the root of her question:

“...because I’m putting together my stylist portfolio and I’m looking to get a few images for my lookbook, and eventually put them up on a website.  We can do the shoot at my apartment.  I have access to the roof and we can do the looks up there...” 

I managed to respond with something like, “that sounds good” or “that sounds cool,” and, “I’d give it a try...” 

She replied, “Okay. Here’s my number, let me know.”  She then, ever so coolly, walked away.   

That’s how I met Nikki Frangakis: a talented, driven, actress, and fashionista.  Little did I know I was about to gain a great friend as well. In the following days, weeks, I got over myself and my insecurities and gave Nikki a call.  After a few more texts and emails we were setting up the details for an afternoon of fashion photography.  I grabbed every piece of equipment I had at the time (it wasn’t much), threw it in a duffle bag and hopped back on the train to Manhattan.  I arrived at Nikki’s apartment excited to create, but honestly having no idea what would be produced.

The full day contained two parts, and has been split into two separate pages/posts.

Part 1 - Taking a few portraits of Nikki in her apartment.  The idea was that the images captured of her would be placed on her website on an “about” or “info” page.  Those images can be found here:  Style Me Nikki: Portraits

Part 2 - A few hours later we were joined by Nikki's friends/models, Nick Lanni, Matt Caprotti and Danielle Cardona for the rooftop images (this page). 

They were awesome and really fun to work with. Nikki had a handful of outfits, themes and scenes for them to wear and portray and we just went for it.

The atmosphere for the day was very open creatively, everyone offered their unique perspective to each image/idea in a constructive way. Danielle had previously done professional modeling work which was very helpful and a relief.  She knew how to twist, turn and contort her body for a different look/feel each time.  

 [While she enjoyed modeling, Danielle’s real passion was/is music and she is currently performing in NYC as the lead singer for the electronic pop duo, Lexelle. Be sure to check them out on Facebook, ReverbNation or SoundCloud. ]

By the way, Nikki is still currently posting to her very awesome fashion blog. Check it out here: Style Me Nikki

Here are a few extra, behind the scene, outtake images. A recurring  theme was that I would make Danielle laugh while she was trying to get serious and pose. I was just chattering about nonsense or complimenting her natural beauty :)