This set of photographs was the first part of a two part day of working with stylist, Nikki Frangakis.  In the post: Style Me Nikki: Rooftop, I share the full story of how I met Nikki and how this session emerged.  For this post, I will give you a shorter version:

I first met Nikki when photographing her in a play in Manhattan: Little Bird. After the play, she approached me asking of my interest in fashion photography.  She was putting together a website for her stylist work and needed some images. 

I agreed, accepted her invitation and we eventually met at her apartment in Manhattan and got to work.  The goal behind these images, was to create a headshot or nice portrait of her that she could place on her website, possibly on an “info” or “about” page.  

I am always thankful for this afternoon and these images.  Creatively speaking, this was very freeing. I was just discovering my passion for Photography and this set le me open up and capture many images without thinking too much and instead just experiment with light and color temperature. Nikki was open, encouraging and supportive. She had about a dozen different themes, ideas, looks, outfits that she wanted to capture.  We spent the time creating them all. My favorite part of the session is that we took advantage of the space in her apartment, finding different lines, angles in a relatively small set of rooms: