This image was/is dedicated to my friend, Kecia. I went to school with her at the University of Tennessee. You ever have those people in your life that you can always share a good laugh with? Kecia is one of those people.  I was lucky enough to see her a couple of times in 2013. I had been living in Stamford, CTfor a few years and she happened to come up to Connecticut from Tennessee for a few days and she reached out. We were able to catch up which was wonderful. Upon moving to California, I drove through Nashville and was able to see her again and meet her great husband, Shaun.

I landed in California and was happily posting many photos of the great landscape; plenty of sunsets, beaches and ocean images. While they were beautiful, I had a tendency to forget that the rest of country was going through that season, what is it called again? Oh that's right…winter.  I talked on the phone with Kecia one day, thanking her again for her hospitality and letting her know it was great to see her and Shaun. Towards the end of our conversation, in a friendly jealous way, she told me that she was sick of seeing such beautiful images from California (cue the good laughs). I apologized for my insensitivity, but then in a friendly, being a jerk kind of way, I told that I would be thinking of her the next time I saw a beautifully warm sunset in California.

I made a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain shortly after our conversation, and as evening started to fall in the park, I saw what you see above: another beautiful sky and The Riddler’s Revenge silhouette swirling on the canvas.

Here’s the Kecia, and to the never ending summer that is Southern California :)

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