Back in 2009, I picked up a great side job to help ends meet.  The job was with ProPark America valeting cars at RBS Headquarters in Stamford, CT.  Through ProPark, I was reunited with my friend, Albert Myint Soe, who I and worked with at the Stamford Marriott.  He's in this set a couple of times (the gentleman in the orange, striped shirt).

I also made a good connection with my manager, Blake Gulino (the young guy in the white shirt hugging his friend and holding a drink. Third to last image in the set). 

The holidays were coming up and Blake knew of my interest in Photography.  He asked if I would be willing to come to ProPark's holiday party in the City and take some photographs.  We headed to Puglia's Restaurant in the Lower East Side, met up with other ProPark employees from the Tri-State area, and had a blast.

Puglia's has great food, and really fun decor.  But the best part of the restaurant, the best part of the night, was Puglia's resident musician, Jorge Buccio (the guy behind the keyboard wearing the cool holiday tie).  During the night he plays requests/covers, some of his own original work, but best of all, he plays "The Napkin Song."  At his pleasure, he will start up The Napkin Song. The song is a Puglia's tradition; you have to stop eating, pick up your napkin and wave it in the air.  You are encouraged to stand on your chair and dance during the song. Too much fun.

The party continued with a nice holiday raffle a few more rounds of the napkin song. A fantastic, good time.

*Movie trivia moment: Puglia’s restaurant is featured in the movie, Big Daddy. When Adam Sandler/Sonny takes out Joey Lawerence Adams/Layla on a date, they go to Puglia’s restaurant. Jorge Buccio is in the scene singing the romantic song to which they slow dance.