Month three, what did i see?

Each year, I usually create a page that is dedicated to “extra images.” Events, gigs, very focused ideas, or big exploration always get their own page, but I’ve learned in the course of living in Los Angeles that there are so many times that I’ll make a quick roadside stop and only produce a couple of images. Does that deserve it’s own page and full blog post? Maybe not, but the image do deserve to be seen.

This year (2019) I’ve done more roadside shooting than usual and my plan is to create extra image pages for each month as opposed to just one encompassing the year. Hope you enjoy.

3.3 - Hacienda Heights

Pasadena, CA spoiled me. I lived right underneath the Angeles National Forest and hiking was convenient. Upon moving to El Monte, CA, I was hoping and planning to get around to seeing if there were any hiking trails near by. There are…some. One that looks promising is Skyline Trail to Rattlesnake Ridge Trail (what a cool name). I was unable to partake in the full hike because it was closed on the day I drove by, but I’m hoping to get a chance to enjoy it later on. A few shots from my vantage point on Skyline Drive:

3.7 - Downtown LA

I dropped off an Uber passenger at Union Station this morning, and liked the image of the City Hall peeking between Union Station’s palm trees:

3.10 - Hollywood Bowl Overlook

While on a mini self assignment to send some photographs to a friend in Germany, I stopped at a familiar vantage point: The Hollywood Bowl Overlook. I got some great shots, which now belong to my friend, but here’s one long distance view of the Observatory:

3.12 - Dockweiler Beach

Also as part of that mini-assignment, I ventured down to Dockweiler Beach one morning at sunrise and captured a bunch:

3.16 - Santa Monica

One morning it finally hit me to stop by the Bergamot Station art gallery in Santa Monica. On some construction workers were having lunch and I absolutely introduced myself and asked for the photo:

3.21 - Riverside, CA

Roadside stop to catch fire in the sky:

3.21 - Scholl Canyon Road

This is becoming one of my favorite short hikes. Scholl Canyon Fire Road is in Glendale and has a nice view over Eagle Rock, CA and gives a long distance view of the downtown LA skyline. I had to stop by on this particular day because the post rain clouds were amazing:

3.27 - Southeast LA

Chicken! I was a little disappointed that my camera was in black and white because of the street photography I’ve recently been creating, but I managed to capture this street chicken before he caught on to me and hopped into a tree for safety:

3.30 - El Monte

Chicken! This time, though from afar, I was able to capture a feathered friend in color:

3.30 - Redondo Beach

There’s never a bad day to watch sunset at the beach, and capture the glistening waters:

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